You Asked & We Did It!

You’ve been asking for Pink Bambu brush sets and we finally did it! Pink Bambu brush sets are available for purchase here: Shop Here We came out with 3 Pink Bambu Brush Sets. There’s the Pink Bambu Deluxe 22pc. Brush Set, Eyes only 10pc. Brush Set, and Complete 14pc. Brush Set. Which one is your favorite? … Continue reading

Coming Soon!

You’ve been asking for it ever since the Pink Bambu brushes have been released. And we finally made it just for you! Pink Bambu brush sets are coming in July! Are you excited for the new release of these adorable Pink Bambu brush sets? MUah, Bdellium Tools

Pink Bambu Kabuki Arrives

The new Pink Bambu Kabuki has been released! Isn’t she adorable? Shop for her here and take her home with you: MUah, Bdellium Tools