Travels of the Yellow Kabuki

It’s the diary of the traveling the Yellow Bambu Kabuki! See where this cute yellow eco-friendly fellow has been. Want to share where your Bdellium Tools have been? Let us know and we’ll pin your tools on our Pinterest. Happy travels! MUah, Bdellium Tools


Interested in Bdellium Tools? Do you have a Pinterest? If you answered yes to both questions you have to check out our new boards on our Pinterest! One of our favorite boards is The Library board. It’s soon to be filled with many beautilicious magazine covers. We also have a board dedicated just for you. We repin pictures you … Continue reading

You’ve Got Mail!

Don’t you love it when you get mail? You’ve been tracking your babies down and you finally see that UPS truck pull up. That brown package carrying your lovelies has your name written all over it. We all know that excitement when our new Bdellium Tools order arrives! Rip open your package and snap a picture of … Continue reading

Fashion Week Beauty Special

New York and London has been flooding with Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2012 shows. This is the best time to watch for the next season beauty trends. We recently made a board on our Pinterest just to feed your makeup inspiration. We’ve been seeing red burgundy eyeshadow, unconventional eyeliner, bold statement eyebrows, bronzer with a hint of pink, LED … Continue reading