New Green Bambu 776 Blending Brush

Do you know the 3 B’s of makeup? It’s blend, blend & blend!
The new Green Bambu 776 Blending Brush has now joined the eco-friendly vegan Green Bambu Series! Isn’t she a beaute?

If you love eco-friendly vegan products, and you love PINK. You’re going to love our new Pink Bambu Series coming at the end of February. If you haven’t seen the Pink Bambu pictures yet, check out our Facebook Page.

Bdellium Tools

4 Responses to “New Green Bambu 776 Blending Brush”
  1. Hello, I fell in love for the bdellium brushes are a charm and you made them fondly thinking about us women surely!

    I thought a bold green color, whenever I see one I know of is bdellium.

    I’ma blogger fashion, beauty and health, my blog is called ARTIGOS FEMININOS (Women Articles) do reviews of various products in partnership with companies.

    And I ask kindly and eager, if not bdellium could send me, even just a brush seje sample, I can make a blog post out of gratitude and offer this brush as a shopping option for the Brazilian.

    grateful heart ♥

    Thank you!

    Erica Ribeiro

  2. Chris says:

    Hi, is this brush not available anymore? I can’t seem to find it on your web site. Thank you.

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