June La Beauté of the Month

Congratulations LauraLynn Kellie Farley! You have been chosen as our La Beauté of the Month for June! Thank you for being an awesome Bdellium Tools Fan! You are definitely a funny person to get to know. The story you shared about your Dad and the catfish incident still cracks us up! To show our appreciation we would love to give you a gift! Please email us at marketing@bdelliumtools.com with the Bdellium Tools brush that you would like to receive as your special gift. Feel free to use your custom La Beauté of the Month badge for bragging rights. 😉

Do you want to be the next La Beauté of the Month for July?  At the end of each month, we will select 1 person who is the most awesome Bdellium Tools fan ever!  We’ll see how active he/she is on our social media channels and also see the depth of the contents. Simple as that. Our La Beauté of the Month will then receive a custom recognition badge from us with his/her name on it as well as a brush of their choice from any of our lines.

Half the year is already over. We wonder who the next half of Bdellium Tools Beautés will be!

Bdellium Tools

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