Your First Memory With Makeup

Ahh memories. Do you remember the first time you played with your mom’s makeup? When did you first start putting on makeup? We posted this question on our Facebook Page and the number 1 answer so far is during our teenage years. The youngest age we got so far was 10 years old. It seems like the average age was around 15 years old.

What makeup product did you start with when you were a teen? We had some fans say that they started with just mascara and others a sheer eyeshadow. We also had fans share some funny stories about their makeup experiences when they were teenagers. You guys are so funny! Thanks for sharing! Please share more of your funny stories!

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8 Responses to “Your First Memory With Makeup”
  1. valens87 says:

    The first time I used make-up I was 8 (I think.. I was in primary school, anyway). I remember I had a make-up palette with creamy and powder eyeshadows, lip colours and blushes…it was a toy kit but it really worked. One day I did the make-up to a girl I transformed into “a rainbow lady” with her face completely colourful! aahah poor girl, I love her so much…she was so sweet 🙂
    When I was a little bit older I started using my mom’s products (she was a rep) but just as a funny game. I didn’t wear mak-up at school.
    I grew up with cosmetics but at first I loved have my make-up done by other people (for fun or for carnival).
    At high school I wore make-up seriously… well, when I wasn’t in a hurry in the morning!
    Have a great day Bdellium staff!

    • Thanks for sharing your story with us! Sounds like you grew up loving makeup. We especially liked the “Rainbow Lady” part. haha Very cute. Wish someone took a picture of the colorful makeup look.

      Have a fantastic week!

  2. Kumiko Mae says:

    The first time I played with make-up would have to be when I was 6-7. I know bec I’m basing my memory to the house where we lived in then. I played with my mom’s Dior palette and I can even remember looking like a clown bec the red lippie I also played with (and broke, so o got mad at me!) was so red!

  3. jessica says:

    will the yellow bamboo brushes be sold separately in the future?

  4. MakeUpNaive says:

    I was 5 years old when my friend & I touched her mom’s make-up! The whole work, eyes, powder, lippies, brushes! We put the make-up on each other, wore mummy’s heels and pearls & walk around the bedroom feeling like a million bucks! Unfortunatey, another friend stopped by to play, saw us with all these and threatened to tell on us! Imagine the tears we shed of begging her not to, in the emd she made us her nanny for the day just so she wont tell. Mean girl lol💋

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