April La Beauté of the Month

Our April La Beauté of the Month is…

Congratulations Detective Kathy! You have been chosen as our La Beauté of the Month. As our thank you for being an awesome Bdellium Tools Beauté you will receive a free Bdellium Tools brush of your choice and your very own custom badge to show off! Please contact us at marketing@bdelliumtools.com.

We first met Detective Kathy at IMATS New York 2012 and we’ve been chatting through Facebook and Twitter ever since! Detective Kathy even wrote blog posts about her experience using her new tools. See her perspective as a pro makeup artist!

“..after all of these years of being a Makeup Artist, finally LOVING the tools that I am working with.” -Detective Kathy

“..wait until you check out the prices you will not believe how affordable these are for the quality.  I guess affordable luxury are the words I would use when talking about these brushes!” –Detective Kathy

Read about Kathy’s Bdellium Tools love story: Bdellium Tools = Love at first sight!
Check out what she grabbed at IMATS here: IMATS Haul

Bdellium Tools

P.S. See how you can be May’s La Beauté of the Month here: La Beauté of the Month

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