Exclusive Tools on Amazon.com

Two new exclusive brushes are out! The #955 Finishing & #957 Precision Kabuki are the available for a limited time on Amazon.com. The #955 & #957 have been our most recent top sellers! You need to try these out and see for yourself what all this buzz is all about. These are great budget must-have tools in your makeup bag. Prices are super low so share this awesome deal with your bff, mom, sis, and MUA friends.

Q: How are these different to the Maestro & Studio #955/#957?
A: The ferrule on these exclusive items are made of anodized aluminum just like the Studio brushes. Unlike the luxury Maestro and premium Studio line,  the bristles on these 2 brushes are not antibacterial.

Q: Where can I buy these?
A: Link to #955 Finishing: click here!
Link to #957 Precision Kabuki: click here!

*Shop Tip: Grab of hold of these soon because quantities are limited. Prices will slowly rise on these lovely violets. The sooner you get’em the better price you’ll get and the faster you can enjoy your new tools! 😉

Bdellium Tools

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