Maestro Foundation Trio

This week we’ve been chatting all about foundation and foundation tools. Liquid foundation was voted #1 for the most popular type of foundation used this week. Our Maestro Series antibacterial foundation brushes are uniquely designed with its own individual purpose. All three brushes combined create a fantastic foundation trio!

What is each brush designed to do?

Maestro $948 Foundation: This 3 toned foundation brush is crafted specifically to apply foundation to the face. Providing an even application and a perfect finish. Use it with either liquid foundation, cream foundation or concealer.

Maestro #947 Small Foundation: This brush is ideal for creating a smooth even finish. With softer fibers, it’s less stiff than its larger Foundation #948 brush. The smaller dome shape allows for an easier and more precise application.

Maestro #949 Pointed Foundation: This is the newest 2012 addition to the Maestro Series, crafted specifically for the hard to reach curves on the face. This pointed brush is perfect for both foundation and concealing. The pointed tip provides application around the eyes, nose and cheek bones. This is a wonderful accessory to your #948 and #947 Foundation brush.

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