Shipping Worldwide

Watch out world. We’re going global! If you recently purchased brushes on our webstore you might have noticed something different. Did you guys notice it? We now have a ‘International Checkout’ button and a ‘Domestic Checkout’ button. Now it’s much easier for you to check out on our webstore.

Live outside the US? Then, simply click the ‘International Checkout’ button on the left and continue the check out process. Live in the US? Then, click the ‘Domestic Checkout’ button on the right.

We know our international fans have been asking for an easier way to check out and we’re excited to present this easy simple way to check out for all our international friends.

Happy shopping!

Bdellium Tools

7 Responses to “Shipping Worldwide”
  1. Mimi says:

    Hi there! I wanted to know if Bdellium ships to Islamabad, Pakistan or not?
    I tried to use International shipping, but I’m getting the error “We’re sorry. Your items can’t be shipped to your selected destination. Please select a different shipping address”.

  2. Wai-Lin says:

    Fab, does this also mean that bdFriday is also going global????????

  3. Mina Pham says:

    What if my order is lost during shipment? I am able to have the order reshipped or refunded?

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