Ready, Set, Roll!

The Travel Roll-up Pouch is made just for your Bdellium Tools Travel Line Makeup Brushes. It can also fit your Green Bambu and Yellow Bambu  brushes as well. The black leatherette exterior feels and looks great. Also the olive brown interior keeps your case looking clean even longer. The Roll-up Pouch has 16 pockets of varying width to accommodate a wide range of contents and 4 side pockets to hold small or loose items in place.

Taking your makeup tools wherever you go is so easy. We broke it down to these 3 simple steps.

1. Place your loves in the pockets and flip over the protective covering.

2. Roll the case and wrap around the strap.

3. Attached the velcro strap and TA-DA you’re on your way!

Curious to see a review? Here’s a review by Mostly Sunny on the Studio Roll-up Pouch.

Bdellium Tools

2 Responses to “Ready, Set, Roll!”
  1. Jenn Staz says:

    I think I got this brush roll included in my travel eye kit. I love it! Such a nice and classy brush roll.

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