Time Flies When You’re Having Fun at ISSE

This past weekend we were at the International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) in Long Beach, CA! We had an amazing time thanks to our friends and fans that came to visit us.
The weather was warm and breezy in the beautiful city of Long Beach. The convention was located right by the beach so you can just imagine the gorgeous scenic view. ISSE was like a huge party just for beauty professionals.  Mind as well call it beauty heaven! Beauty industry professionals from around the world and country come to ISSE to find the latest and hottest products on the market. There were live hair styling demonstrations and impressive stage presentations at every corner.   The large variety of products available included hair styling, nail art, makeup and makeup tool products. You can loose track of time because there’s just so many things to see, shop and people to chat with. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!
Change is good. So this year we changed it up a bit and rearranged our booth area. We opened it up so you can easily walk in and test out the brushes. Did you spot anything new on our display table? Our new 2012 brushes and the Yellow Bambu Series brush sets were there! When you go to ISSE or any expo you can’t skip out on the complimentary samples and hair/nail/makeup services! Not to mention the amazing deals you will find. What’s so great about coming to expos is that we make our professional tools even more affordable by offering  lower prices. How awesome is that right?

Want to see more pictures we took at ISSE? We uploaded our ISSE picture album on our Facebook Page, Come have a look! http://www.facebook.com/bdelliumtools

So what’s next on Bdellium Tools’ agenda? We’re pulling out our passports & bringing our Bdellium Tools brushes to…LONDON! See you at IMATS London this weekend, Feb. 4 & 5th!

Bdellium Tools

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