Introducing the Studio Line

Studio Line

The Studio Line brushes are designed for professional makeup artists. All Studio brushes are treated with antibacterial agent. Having an antibacterial brush helps guard against bacteria forming on your bristles. Clean brushes mean a clean face! The brush head is precisely shaped which will give you even application. The bristles are a mixture of natural and/or synthetic hair. You will be happy to know that we only use natural hair bristles from either Pony or Goat hair. We do not use any exotic animal’s fibers like sable, squirrel, weasel, or badger. When your shopping around for brushes remember to ask where the natural hair bristles come from.

The ferrule is made of strong anodized aluminum. The long handles will give you optimum control and comfort for perfect application time after time. Don’t you just love the color of the handles? The wooden handles are lacquered in a glossy classic yellow color. The Studio Line is designed with Pro Makeup Artists in mind. This unique color comes in handy for MUAs. If you’re a MUA you know how hectic it gets at shoots and shows. You might often have to work closely with other artists backstage. When chaos hits its inevitable for brushes to get mixed up and misplaced. The Studio yellow handles will help you identify your brushes from the rest. Never misplace your brush again!


If you’re looking for a best seller, you found it. The Studio Luxury 24pc. brush set is our almighty power set! It covers all the bases each tools selected with professional makeup artist in mind.

Brushes that are included in this set are:
#995U Kabuki                            #990S Angled Face
#980S Natural Powder          #964S AP Blusher
#960S Precision Blusher       #957S Precision Cheek
#955S Finishing                        #948S Foundation
#945S Contour                          #942S Slanted Contour
#936S Concealer                      #785S Tapered Blending,
#780S Pencil                             #777S Shadow
#772S Small Shader               #769S Angled Contour
#766S Angled Shadow           #766S Angled Shadow
#755S Smudge                          #733S Lash
#722S Comb/Brow                 #714S Flat Eye Definer
#710S Eye Liner                       #555U Retractable Lip

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5 Responses to “Introducing the Studio Line”
  1. Sahara Rao says:

    I simple love the Studio line! I can stare at the pic all day long!!

  2. MakeUpNaive says:

    Aahhh what a beauty! One of these days i will own you but right now this luxury is way beyond this poor girl’s means! Such a shame💋

  3. MakeUpNaive says:

    Ooohhh wow, actually i was already following you in both instagram & pinterest thats how i found out about your blog! 😍 it would really be a dream come true to own one of the set beauties!

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