Introducing the Maestro Series

The Maestro Series brushes is the luxury line of all our brush lines. Maestro Series has a nickel-plated brass ferrule, which is more shiny, durable stronger than other aluminum ferrules. The gorgeous black lacquered birch wood handles is made of first-rate quality. You can feel the quality difference by simply holding the brush in your hands. What makes Bdellium Tools brushes so special from the rest is our antibacterial brush lines. All the Maestro series brushes are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles.  The antibacterial protective coating creates a built-in guard against mold, fungus and bacteria that can gather on brushes. This helps preserve your brushes and your skin!


This luxury line is created for the professional makeup artists who need the highest quality brushes for their clients. Our Maestro 12pc. Complete Brush Set is the must-have brush set for those who know do not compromise style and comfort. The brush set includes all the brushes you’ll need from base and priming application to finish for both face and eyes.  We specifically picked out these basic necessity brushes to complete a whole look from start to finish. Brushes that are included in this set are: #980M Natural Powder, #964M AP Blusher, #955M Finishing, #948M Foundation, #942M Slanted Contour, #785M Tapered Blending, #780M Pencil, #778M Large Shadow, #772M Small Shader, #763M Small Angle, #710M Eye Liner, and #540M Precision Liner. This set includes a free roll-up pouch!  The roll-up pouch has a beautiful black exterior and brown interior.

Do you own any Maestro brushes?

Bdellium Tools

4 Responses to “Introducing the Maestro Series”
  1. Julie Park says:

    I am just loving my #958 maestro brush right now. Been spreading the good news to all my friends and fellow YT’ers and Twitter friends as well! The brush set is on my wishlist now!

  2. L. says:

    Are handles of maestro brushes really from wood? It looks like some plastic material…I am not sure

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