Maestro Beauty Tools of 2012

New antibacterial Maestro brushes are coming your way in 2012! There will be 5 new tools joining the Maestro collection.

Face Brush

Maestro #937 Concealer
With this all synthetic, flat and rounded head brush you can conceal almost anything with flawless precision. Helps disguise imperfections smoothly upon application. A must have brush for touch ups.

Maestro #949 Pointed Foundation
Crafted specifically for the hard to reach curves on the face, this pointed brush is perfect for both foundation and concealing. The pointed tip provides precise application around the eyes, noise and cheek bones. This is a wonderful accessory to your #948 Foundation Brush or #947 Small Foundation Brush.

Eye Brush

Maestro #775 Duet Fiber Shader
Uniquely designed for shading with eye shadow or emollient-based products. Optimized bristles with natural fibers and get precise results with the synthetic tips. This brush will give light application and more layers. Rounded for streak-free application

Maestro #764 Bold Angled Brow
Created by popular demand, this Bold Angled Brow has wider and stiffer bristles designed for filling in brows and applying colors with ease. If you’re looking for that bold brow style, this is the brush for you.

Lip Brush

Maestro #546 Square Lip
Designed to apply any lip color or gloss precisely and evenly across your lips. The flat tipped bristles allow for an accurate and well-defined application while also allowing the flexibility to have dark or light looks.

These 5 new Maestro brushes will be released in February 2012. Exact date will be announced soon.

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