The Secret’s Out

We can’t keep quiet any longer. Yes, it’s true! A new year means new products! So we are happy to bring you a brand new line of tools. Presenting the Yellow Bambu Series!!  This line is an addition to the fabulous Eco-friendly Green Bambu Series! Here’s a glimpse of one of the 3 brush sets.

The Yellow Bambu brushes are made of  all sustainable bamboo handles. The synthetic bristles are amazingly soft. This new vegan eco-friendly line is great for people with sensitive skin. There will be 3 new Brush Sets in the Yellow Bambu Series.

Set #1 is the Foundation 4pc. Brush Set. This is the collection of perfect tools for any form of foundation. Use with powder, liquid and cream foundation. We’ve got you covered with this set. This set includes #957 Precision Kabuki, #955 Finishing, #953 Duet Fiber Foundation, and #948 Foundation.

Set #2 is the Mineral 5pc. Brush Set. Designed specifically for usage with mineral makeup but versatile enough to use in any application. This set includes the #959 Powder Blending, #942 Slanted Contour, #934 Precision Concealer, #787 Duet Fiber Large Tapered Blending, and #778 Large Shadow.

Set #3 is the Smoky Eye 5pc. Brush Set. Everyone loves a smoky eye look. It’s the collection of perfect blending and lining tools you need to create beautiful smoky eyes. This set includes the #781 Crease, #777 Shadow, #769 Angled Contour, #760 Liner/Brow, and #716 Smoky Eyeliner.

Everyone’s been asking about the release date! We will have the Yellow Bambu Brush Sets available for purchase in February 2012. Exact date TBA. 😉

And just when you thought that it was the end…we have more new products on the way in February 2012! Can you spot the “NEW” brushes on our website? There are new face and eye brushes in all our 4 brush lines!

Bdellium Tools

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  1. Looks awesome!! 🙂 You guy’s are so great!!!

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