The Winner Is…

Thank you everyone who participated in My Wishlist Giveaway. We know it was tough narrowing down your list to top 3 but we hope it was fun! We were pleasantly surprised by everyone’s excited responses. To pick our giveaway winner we randomly drew a number. The number we drew for My Wishlist Giveaway was #36. With no further delay…

The winner of My Wishlist Giveaway is Jocelyn Koo! Congratulations on having your wish come true! Jocelyn’s entry on our Google+ page got her the win! On her wishlist was the Maestro #957 Precision Kabuki, Green Bambu #953 Duet Fiber Foundation, and the Studio #716 Smoky Eyeliner.  We truly hope this Christmas was a little more special for you this year! Please email us your US shipping address at

We will have many more exciting giveaways to come. Don’t forget about our weekly bdFriday Giveaway starting again next week!

Have a lovely Christmas weekend. Happy Holidays!

Bdellium Tools

2 Responses to “The Winner Is…”
  1. Jocelyn Koo says:

    Thank you so much!!! I can’t even believe it! I sent my information; I hope you all have a happy holiday!

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