Seventh Day of Bdellium Christmas

Today’s Christmas item is the Travel Precision Kabuki #957!

The Precision Kabuki #957 has created a huge buzz. So we had to have it for one of our 12 Days of Bdellium Xmas! This beautiful 2 toned antibacterial face brush is so versatile. It can apply powder, cream, and liquid. What’s so great about this brush is that the wide, flat head allows you to pick up product evenly. This gives you the benefit of a wide even sweep. The #957 does wonders for buffing liquid products. 

When you’re traveling this holiday remember to put your Travel Precision Kabuki #957 brush in your carry on. The Travel Line brushes are identical to the Studio Line in quality and shape. The only difference is the portability feature of shorter handles, which makes it easier to carry around and use.  And did we mention it’s antibacterial! The anti-bacterial protective coating creates a built-in guard against mold, fungus and bacteria that can gather on brushes. So don’t worry about gross bacteria forming on your brushes, we got you covered!

Only 5 more days left! Can you believe it??

Bdellium Tools

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