5th day of Bdellium Christmas!

Presenting the Studio #555 Retractable Lip Brush for our 5th day of Bdellium Christmas! The promotional price of $5.05 is only for today. So share this fantastic news with your friends so they don’t miss out!

This antibacterial lip brush is stiff enough to give you quality precision but soft enough to give you that perfect finish. The firm tapered tip is designed to define the contours of your lip. This brush compares to MAC’s #318 retractable lip brush. With the Studio #555 you get the benefit of professional quality at an affordable price (especially today :)), plus it’s antibacterial!

One of the most popular items to carry in a makeup bag is lipstick. But do you carry a lip brush too? A retractable lip brush is something every woman needs in their personal makeup purse. You know that lip stick wears off throughout the day, especially after a lunch out with your girlfriends or after a dinner date. Don’t get caught with faded, worn out color lips. To maintain your fresh look, it’s a beauty must to reapply your lip stick. The cool function about this brush is that it’s retractable. When you put this brush in your bag it won’t smear lipstick on your other makeup or the inside of your bag. The only place your red lipstick should be is on your lips, not on your bag. So keep your non-retractable lip liner brush at home and always have a portable retractable lip brush in your personal makeup purse. The next 7 days of Bdellium X-mas are going to be amazing!

Bdellium Tools

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