Day 02 of Bdellium Christmas

On the second day of Bdellium X-mas, my true love gave to me..

A rockin’ Green Bambu #992 Bronzer Brush! The 992 blends bronzers beautifully and offers uniform coverage across the whole face. Not only that but it’s our eco-friendly vegan brush. The beautiful green handles are made from real bamboo! We used bamboo because it is one of the most sustainable resources on Earth. Meaning, bamboo grows so rapidly that it can be harvested with virtually no impact on the environment. Awesome, right? It is also a vegan brush because we use all synthetic bristles. You might be curious about the benefits of a synthetic bristles compared to natural bristles. Well, it is easier to clean and sheds less than natural bristles. And of course it is hypoallergenic. Perfect for sensitive skin types or people with animal hair allergies. 

Merry BDT Christmas!

P.S. We played around with the pricing a little to match the days. Did you guys catch it? Just a little fun way to celebrate the 12 Days of Bdellium Christmas. 😉

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